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Mission Statement
To provide world-class agency services to our Carrier Principals through superior management and technical talent using the most effective processes and communications so that maximum profitability by both the Principal and Global is achieved. To ensure that relations with Principals, employees and community are at all times ethical and responsible.


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  Global Agencies can perform or arrange the following services and functions related to administration for the Principal including (but not limited to) obtaining licenses and permits, accounting, invoicing, credit procedures, collection, cash management, claims handling, budgeting, forecasting and reporting.
  Global Shipping Services - Panama offers canal transit agency services and all related crossing support activities for vessel operators.
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  The Sales and Marketing managers of Global Agencies have years of experience in performing and arranging the following services and functions related to sales for the Principal. These include (but not limited to) rate quotations, tariff keeping, cargo solicitation, booking, documentation, customer service, tracing, expediting, marketing, promotion, and advertising.
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  In today￿s increasingly difficult economic environment highly organized criminal and terrorists elements challenge security operations on all fronts. Global Agencies has the resources to help today￿s shipping companies solve their security problems, address management security requirements, and keep security practices on the leading edge.
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  Global Agencies can provide as an agent a range of solutions and innovative services that can optimize your entire logistics network. Our goal is to help our clients minimize their transportation costs as much as possible while still maintaining a high level of performance.
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  Global Agencies strives to provide the most professional, consistent, and coordinated customer service possible throughout all its Central American offices. Our organization prides itself with having a network of highly trained and experienced personnel that are highly responsive to our clients needs at all times.
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  Keeping tabs on all the equipment in country can be a daunting task for any shipping line. Global Agencies management has extensive senior management experience to help clients keep track of their assets and better manage its equipment. Our aim is to help our clients achieve the best economies of scale from available assets and while maintaining a high degree of profitability.
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  Every country and each port in the world works differently. Global Agencies has the local knowledgeable and experience to effectively process ships in a consistent and timely manner. Our clients also benefit from our long-standing presence, stature, and contacts in the industry of each country.
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  Just like port operations, the proper preparation of documentation can be a daunting task. Global Agencies has been doing this work for years and our clients benefit from this expertise and knowledge. Our extensive contacts in each country also give our clients a presence that lesser agents can not provide.

We would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your current operations and/or projects you intend to undertake.